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After their discharges from the military service in World War II, two friends, who also happened to be brothers-in-law, founded Chet & Emil's. When Chester (Chet) and Lillian Skodinski, and Emil and Genevieve Praslowicz purchased the business from John Rundhamer on January 1, 1946, it consisted of a tavern and a physician's office on the street level with the upper level becoming a home for the two families. No one knew what a landmark building this building would become. In 1947, a Quonset-type addition was added to the main structure to house the bowling lanes and a 50-foot bar. In 1950, a 60 x 90-foot portable dance floor was designed to fit over the lanes to accommodate weddings and banquets.


Dr. O.E. Damp moved his office to a new location in 1963, and it was at that time a restaurant was added. After the purchase of their first Broaster, Chet & Emil's quickly became famous for their broasted chicken. In 1979, after a fire destroyed the grocery store next door, Chet & Emil purchased the vacant lot and expanded the restaurant with an addition ballroom/banquet facility. This change was followed by another with Chet, Lillian, Emil & Gen moving out of the upstairs living quarters and their son Doug, his wife, Barbara and their four children moving in. In 1981, the business was purchased by Emil's son and his wife, Doug & Barbara Praslowicz, and a friend Ed Resch. Doug, Barb, and Ed have been running the business ever since then.

In expanding their business, they built a 12 unit motel adjacent to the bar/restaurant in 1990. In 1996, they had the restaurant, kitchen, ballroom, and lanes remodeled. In 2010, the four bowling lanes were resurfaced with a synthetic material. In 2012, the main bar was extensively remodeled by Barske Construction, Antigo, and Wads Woodwork, Wausau, to recreate a "turn of the century" tavern, with a unique barrel and a huge decorative hardwood and marble bar. Plans to remodel the restaurant are in the works for the future.


The tradition of serving good food at a reasonable price, in a clean and friendly atmosphere, continues today.

History of Chet & Emil's

We've loved every minute of our journey

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